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Even Little Ongar was quiet.

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Fangs sought my flesh and I struggled to keep its ungodly strength at bay, hands locked around its throat. But as the blood gushed its might ebbed and, at last, it died. Bloody thing collapsed on me.

Tavern Tales (Fiction River #21) by Kerry L. Hughes

I nearly ended up starving to death it was so hard to free myself from its bulk. And that foul creature is dead and rotting. Little Ongar whooped, and the men thumped their tankards on tabletops in appreciation of the tale and the deed that had inspired it. Karl jumped off the table and occupied a chair close to the hearth, enjoying the murmured appreciation and a few pats on the back.

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Right then the tavern door opened, letting in an icy gale and a shower of snow. A hooded figure hurried inside and slammed it shut. Asgerd removed her cloak and shook off the melting flakes. A score of smiles and laughs met his jest. She pulled up a chair and settled in beside him. I became an adventurer and a mage to become strong in order to protect my people. She took a big sip from her mug and finally turned around to stare at him. Crimson pools full of doubt, probably for the first time since she had met him, stared back at her.

Uraraka knew he had come to the same conclusion as her. It was pointless, though — she had already considered every possible scenario. She was a mage and she knew teleportation magic — she could go visit him whenever she wanted. They could see each other again, probably many times. Her journey with the group has ended, but her solitary one was just beginning.


He held her hand, giving her a reassuring grasp. What hurt the most was that she could. She could be selfish, she could choose to take her parents with her, moving to his Kingdom, and stay by his side forever. It reminded her of their first kiss — they had fought, and they were shouting profanities at each other when he finally lost his cool and kissed her. Saying those words was like being stabbed, but she knew it was the right thing to do. His certainty was her weakness. If there was one thing that made him lost his cool it was someone pulling her down — Uraraka herself included.

How can we sustain a relationship with a whole continent setting us apart? Are you ok with not seeing me or your kids every day? Uraraka had fought against murderers, monsters and real demons, but she had never felt as afraid as she was now while waiting for his answer. Not for the first time, she thought that admitting something like that was probably physically painful for him. He held her face between his calloused, warm hands, making her stare directly at him. Uraraka knew, at that moment, that no tale or song could ever do justice to the expression on his face.

He held her hand, observing their friends and allies celebrating. There were a lot of things that she wanted to stay only between their group. People that had been there. No one needed to know what he had whispered in her ear while they made love in the woods under an infinite sky. They had saved the world; a long-distance relationship was nothing in comparison. Bakugou trembled, making her laugh even more.

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You can bet your ass they will do it. Laughing, Uraraka allowed him to guide her through the crowd and out of the tavern.

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Soon, it would be time to say goodbye, but for now they could enjoy these moments together. For now, she would follow him anywhere.

Tavern Tales

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A Winter's Tale (Skyrim Tavern - "Drinking Edit" ) — [1.5 Hrs]

We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Hello, when I tried to start the game with the full conversion mod, the menu is fine, however when I pressed Start New Game, it crashes saying: Amnesia. Is the monster included in this mod? Ehy man i saw that Decaiyng Squeals in Profoundity is the episode 1. Will u develop other episodes? However grat custom,i liked it so much:. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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