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I'm still on board at this point. Then the Elves show up. And then Aliens! Really, WTF, it was just too much, too cluttered, too many disparate genre thrown together.

Mystic Ink

Then there was how easily everything wrapped up. The bad guy was defeated with absolute ease. More than once problems were overcome almost miraculously. Nix being able to call in a favour based on winning the office raffle the year before, for example. Thats handy. Cal was given his prize and avoided a fate worse than death despite technically not completing his quest.

Then in the end Nix rails at her father for three or four minutes and manages to convince him to change the rules that have been in effect for, presumably, millennia. I seem to recall stubbornness being a trait of the gods. Plus, these were pantheon-wide rules, so they effected everyone, not just her. It was just too easy.


Now I know I've bitched a lot. I was annoyed by the end of the book. But as I said it was well written. There were some really fun characters. I especially liked Zeph and Devlin. I'm not discouraging anyone from reading it. Heck I might even pick up the sequel if I come across it. I enjoyed the read, just not every aspect of the book.

For some reason I wasn't in the mood to read about gods, goddesses, sea nymphs and satyrs.

This book takes mythological creatures and plops them into a contemporary setting--a tattoo parlor in Mystic, Connecticut. I've read various books with this paranormal premise, including Sherrilyn Kenyon's series, which I loved before it became repetitive.

But I must say, right from the start, Wyatt hooked me with her writing. I'm a sucker for good writing. And this book is extremely well written. It flows flawlessly, the pacing is perfect, the characters are full-bodied and interesting sort of like a good Merlot It has a lot packed in here Many characters, lots of twists and turns in the plot. But in spite of this, Mystic Ink works. I loved the main characters, especially the adorable hero who is sexy, protective, and fearless. The heroine is spunky without being irritating. The secondary characters are plentiful and colorful.

But I think the most important thing here is the pacing. I was sucked into the story, I wanted to find out what was going to happen. It never gets bogged down with too much information which can happen easily in a complex paranormal story like this.

The sexual tension builds nicely, and the love scenes are toasty hot. Wyatt also does a great job setting up the next story. This is a great debut novel. I am most impressed with Wyatt's writing expertise and am wondering if she will branch out into other genres as well.

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I hope so. She's got a new fan.

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Grade: A- Penelope View 1 comment. Amazingly, this was a surprising read. I honestly did not expect to enjoy this story as much as I did. The mythos Casey Wyatt creates is fun and the plot takes the reader on superb adventure right away.

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  • The hero and heroine, Calder and Nix Eudora , are dynamic couple who love each other deeply. Niether one of them fits the mold they are born into under Greek Myth. Because of their originality in character, the reader is able to identify with them. The secondary characters are well written, too, Amazingly, this was a surprising read.

    The secondary characters are well written, too, and make the story more robust. I highly recommend this book. Good read. A lot of characters even if they aren't in much of the book. There seemed to be a lot going on not really relevant to the main story. Things got a little repetative at times as well. I enjoyed it though. Mystic, Connecticut has always had a special place spot in my heart. I learned scuba diving from a Navy instructor who delighted in tying up my hoses and turning off my regulator. My test dive which I passed took place in the cold, murky waters of Mystic Seaport. So, imagine my delight to find a book that takes place in this historic seafaring town, one now populated by a veritable pantheon of giants, gods, demi-gods, Furies and Fates.

    The stars of this cast of characters are Nix, a water nymp Mystic, Connecticut has always had a special place spot in my heart. The stars of this cast of characters are Nix, a water nymph and Cal, the demigod son of Ares.

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    Cal knows more about Nix than she knows about herself, including the fact that they were a hot and heavy item at one period of their long lives. Added to Nix's growing feeling that Cal knows more than he lets on, is the fact that the local police are beginning to be suspicious of the bodies that keep turning up at a dumpster outside Nix's tattoo parlor. And the story is off and running!

    If you're looking for a fun, fast read about ancient mythology, I highly recommend this magical story by Casey Wyatt. I was hooked from the very beginning with the constant adventure and intrigue it took me most of the book to figure everything out which I found made the book even more interesting. Readers will experience solving the mysteries surrounding Nix and Cal, the two main characters, right alongside them.

    I absolutely loved this book, Paranormal Romance without a vampire in sight! Nix is strong, sassy and a sea Nymph. Tattoos, parrots and a smoking hot supernatural agent all in Mystic, Connecticut. Where else would a sea Nymph live? Can't wait for Casey Wyatt's next book.